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Design of coin-cell battery holders for miniature handheld medical devices

The battery holder design plays a critical role in handheld medical device performance and reliability, helping minimize its size and weight to make it smaller and more streamlined By Thomas

Taking batteries green

By Thomas BlahaPresident, Memory Protection Devices Rechargeable and replaceable battery technologies offer important long-term environmental benefits Growing concerns about such issues as peak oil, climate change, carbon emissions, ozone layer

Selecting coin-cell battery holders

By Thomas Blaha President, Memory Protection Devices Some key criteria should beconsidered before including one ofthese devices in a design While breakthrough technologiescontinue to grab headlines,components like thecoin-cell battery holder

Hold your fuse. Save your circuit.

By Thomas BlahaPresident, Memory Protection Devices Certain electronic devices require additional protection in the form of a fuse, a sacrificial device that provides increased protection against electric overcurrent or surges.

Thinking green with batteries

Adopting responsible practices that reduce the e-waste stream while making economic sense can positively influence consumer brand preferences By Thomas BlahaPresident, Memory Protection Devices Product designers and procurement professionals need

Automotive 12V Technology

In today’s world, a wide array of automotive 12 volt plug-in cord sets, 12v-plugs and 12v-sockets are presented to designers of electronic systems and products. Some are hardly up to

Battery Holders Adapt to Handheld Medical Device Needs

By Thomas Blaha President, Memory Protection Devices During the design of a handheld medical device, the battery holder selection is often left to the very end. We could warn that

A Designer’s Guide to Coin Cell Battery Holder Selection

By Thomas Blaha President, Memory Protection Devices While breakthrough technologies continue to grab headlines, components like the humble coin cell battery holder often get overlooked, despite playing a major role


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