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Available on Backorder: Manufacturer lead time 10-12 weeks


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Available on Backorder: Manufacturer lead time 10-12 weeks

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  • BODY MATERIAL: black UL 94V-0 glass-filled 4/6 Nylon
  • PIN BODY: Brass 360 1/2-hard per UNS C36000 ASTM B16/B16M-05
  • PIN BODY PLATING: either 10µ [0.25µ] min. Au per MIL-G-45204 or 200µ [5.08µ] min. 93/7 Sn/Pb per ASTM B545 or 200µ [5.08µ] min. Sn per ASTM B545 Type 1 over 100µ [2.54µ] min. Ni per SAE AMS-QQ-N-290B
  • 4-FINGER COLLET CONTACT: BeCu per UNS C17200 ASTM B194-08
  • CONTACT PLATING: either 200µ [5.08µ] min. 93/7 Sn/Pb per ASTM B545 or 200µ [5.08µ] min. Sn per ASTM B545 Type 1 or 10µ [0.25µ] Au per MIL-G-45204 over 50µ [1.27µ] min. [1.27µ] Ni per SAE AMS-QQ-N-290 Heavy 30µ [0.76µ] Au Plating also available.
  • INSERTION FORCE: 180g/pin, based on 0.018 [0.46] dia. test lead
  • WITHDRAWAL FORCE: 90g/pin, based on 0.018 [0.46] dia. test lead
  • NORMAL FORCE: 140g/pin, based on 0.018 [0.46] dia. test lead
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE: 221°F [105°C] Sn & Sn/Pb; 257°F [125°C] Au plating
  • ACCEPTS LEADS: 0.015-0.025 [0.38-0.64] dia., 0.100-0.146 [2.54-3.71] long


  • Rows of socket strips may be mounted on any centers and are end-to-end or side-by-side stackable for 0.100 [2.54] grid or matrix patterns
  • Available with solder pin tails or wire wrap pins
  • For Wire Wrap Pins, consult Data Sheet 12014
  • ”Break” feature allows strips to be cut to the number of positions desired

Download: Datasheet

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Aries Electronics

Corporate History

Aries Electronics, incorporated in 1972, began when the late William “Bill” Sinclair purchased the back panel line from Thomas & Betts Corporation. The line included IC sockets, headers, and printed circuit cards. Under Bill’s vision, Aries expanded the line to encompass a wide variety of packaging products, including sockets, headers and covers, programmable devices and a variety of jumper and cable assemblies. Aries has become established in the industry as a major source for unique connector products that solve a wide variety of packaging problems. Aries is the recognized industry leader in ZIF (Zero-Insertion-Force) Test Sockets for DIP, PGA, PLCC, and SOIC devices, and continues to be a leading source for a wide variety of specialty electronic connectors. In recent years, the company has made major inroads in the market for high-temperature sockets and flexible cable products. The addition of the Correct-A-Chip® product line established the company as a major source for “intelligent connectors” (incorporating other components, both passive and active), adapters (connectors that allow the use of one termination style on a board designed for a different termination style). Most recently, the company has developed and patented several concepts for BGA (ball grid array) and LGA (land grid array) sockets, and has acquired a high-frequency test and burn-in socket line, furthering growth in the test socket market.


  • Custom High-Frequency (RF) Socket Design (-1dB Bandwidth at >60GHz)
  • Patented Limited-Depth Pin Assembly (Correct-A-Chip Adaptors)
  • Surface-mounting of Electronic Components onto adaptors
  • Molding Engineered Plastics with Extremely Tight Tolerances (for devices on <0.2mm pitch)
  • Bending Pins (Vertisocket™Line) LED/LCD applications
  • Installation of Pins into Plastic
  • Crimping Connectors on Flat Cable
  • Flat Cable Wire Stripping and Separation
Our corporate objective of continued growth within the electronic packaging area, further establishes our position as a major international connector manufacturer. Our target growth markets are additional ZIF Test Socket applications and further expansion of our Correct-A-Chip® capabilities, with particular emphasis in the area of pick-and-place. Our marketing has been through manufacturers’ representatives and distributors throughout the United States and Canada; through European distributors reporting to our sales office in Holland, and through our authorized agents in the rest of the world.
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